Health Care Workforce in the Capital Region

The Capital region, including Charles City, Chesterfield, Colonial Heights, Goochland, Hanover, Henrico, New Kent, Powhatan, and Richmond City, is home to hospitals, health systems, Community Health Centers (CHC), community colleges and universities that offer health professions career studies, internships, training and job opportunities.


  • Charles City
  • Richmond


  • Chesterfield
  • Colonial Heights
  • Goochland
  • Hanover
  • New Kent
  • Powhatan

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Executive Director - Aileen Harris

Executive Director

Aileen Edwards Harris, MSA This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Prior to her position with CapAHEC, Ms. Aileen Edwards Harris worked in the Office of Health Innovations and Primary Care & Workforce Strategies at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU). At VCU, Ms. Harris was in charge of the development of health care workforce strategies that would enhance access to health care in Central Virginia. Ms. Harris maintains her own small business, AEH Advising Health Professions, LLC, where she provides consulting and advising services to post-baccalaureate students intending to pursue a health professions career. She has over twenty years of health workforce related professional experiences including serving as: Health Care Workforce Manager and Rural Health Manager at the Virginia Department of Health, Office of Health and Health Equity; Assistant Dean of Diversity and Minority Affairs at Jefferson Medical College; Director of Admissions and Minority Affairs at VCU's School of Medicine; and Pre-Medical Advisor at the University of Maryland, College Park campus. Ms. Harris has a strong desire to improve access to health care in medically underserved areas and she is a native of Millboro, Virginia (Bath County). She received her bachelor's degree from Virginia Commonwealth University and her Masters of Science in Administration from Central Michigan University.

Region AHEC

101 Cowardin Avenue, Ste. 205
Richmond, VA 23224

Phone: (804) 655-2576

Map of location
Health Facilities


District Health Organization and Hospitals

  • Bon Secours Health System
  • Chesterfield Health Department
  • Chesterfield Health District
  • Chippenham Hospital
  • Colonial Heights Health Department
  • Henrico County Health Department
  • Johnston-Willis Hospital
  • Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine
  • Powhatan Health Department
  • Retreat Hospital
  • Richmond City Health District

Community Health Centers (CHC)

  • Broad Street Center
    107 S. 5th Street
    Richmond, VA 23219
    Phone: (804) 615-4923 x231

  • Greater Richmond Central Intake
    1400 Oliver Hill Way
    Richmond, VA 23219
    Phone: (804) 783-2505

  • Saint Joseph's Villa Clinic
    8000 Brook Road
    Richmond, VA 23227
    Phone: (804) 783-2505

  • The Marshall Center
    4303 W. Broad Street
    Richmond, VA 23230
    Phone: (804) 615-4923 x231

  • Daily Planet Health Care for the Homeless Program
    517 W. Grace Street
    Richmond, VA 23220
    Phone: (804) 615-4923 x231

  • Main Street Primary Care
    2025 E. Main Street
    Richmond, VA 23223
    Phone: (804) 591-2890

  • South Side Medical Center
    101 Cowardin Avenue
    Suite 102
    Richmond, VA 23224
    Phone: (804) 780-0840

  • Vernon J. Harris East End CHC
    719 N 25th Street
    Richmond, VA 23223
    Phone: (804) 780-0840

  • Glenwood Medical Center
    2711 Byron Street
    Richmond, VA 23223
    Phone: (804) 525-1818

  • Northside Medical Center
    2809 North Avenue
    Suite 206
    Richmond, VA 23222
    Phone: (804) 525-1800

  • The Healing Place
    700 Dinwiddie Avenue
    Richmond, VA 23224
    Phone: (804) 783-2505 x231

  • Vernon J. Harris Medical Center
    2601 Kensington Avenue
    Richmond, VA 23220
    Phone: (804) 780-0840


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