About AHEC Scholars Program

The Virginia AHEC Scholars Program recruits, trains, and supports a diverse group of students from across the state, creating a multidisciplinary team of health professionals committed to both community service and the transformation of health care in Virginia.

Selected applicants participate in a two-year educational program and may be eligible to receive a stipend. Virginia AHEC Scholars Program includes 40 hours of didactic and 40 hours of clinical activities each year. Scholars develop new skills and are introduced to an interprofessional framework that will be crucial to improving health and health care. Each AHEC Scholar will receive a Virginia AHEC Scholars Certificate, setting them apart from other students in an increasingly competitive environment. Selected scholars will also have the chance to meet leaders in health care and make connections with other participants, creating an invaluable network for their future careers in health care.


AHEC Scholars
  1. Currently enrolled in a two-year health profession degree or certificate program. This includes:

    • Medical
    • Dental
    • Behavioral Health
    • Pharmacy
    • Nursing
    • Nurse Practitioner
    • Physician Assistant
    • Social Work
    • Physical Therapy
    • Occupational Therapy
    • Public/Population Health Programs
  2. Interested in rural or underserved healthcare

Staff Meeting


  • Practical hands-on training with unique experience with rural and underserved populations
  • Professional mentoring and networking opportunities for residency and employment after graduation
  • Priority consideration for state loan repayment and scholarship programs
  • Additional incentives include priority opportunity preceptor placement, stipends, and loan repayment
Staff Lesson

How to Apply:

  1. Complete application

    Click the link to access the application.

  2. Upload transcripts

    Upload transcripts when completing the application.

  3. Submit a letter of recommendation

    Click to download the recommendation form, email to recommenders, ask recommenders to submit to VHWDA via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Application Deadline:
November 1st, 2024

Program Begins:
December 1st, 2024

Victoria Dempsey

Pictured: Sidra Amin, GMU Public Health & Nutrition Student and AHEC Scholar.

AHEC Scholar Feature

“Becoming a Virginia AHEC Scholar was a natural choice for me. The program provided me with invaluable clinical and shadowing experiences, exposing me to the realities of healthcare delivery and the challenges faced by underserved populations. Through AHEC, I've not only gained essential skills but also connected with professionals who share my passion for serving communities in need. The inspiration behind my healthcare education stems from witnessing firsthand the disparities in access to healthcare and their impact on disadvantaged individuals. What I find most rewarding about my studies is the opportunity to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to address these disparities and make a tangible difference in people's lives.”

– Sidra Amin, GMU Public Health & Nutrition Student

Courtesy of Sidra Amin, AHEC Scholar
Published on May 20, 2024


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